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Ozborn Communications, located in Canton, Mississippi, was established in 1975 as a small, service-only two-way radio company. Since that time, our business has evolved into a full-service mobile communications business. We take great pride in providing the finished products which our loyal customers demand. Without the unwavering patronage which our customers have so graciously allowed us to enjoy, we would not be here today. It is our belief that delivering what the customer is paying for continues to be the basis of our success.

Efficient communications is a vital tool in the day to day operation of any business, professional, or public safety agency. We work very hard to see that each customer has the product or service he needs to accomplish the job at hand in an economical and efficient manner, without wasting money on superfluous bells and whistles.

And, when equipment breaks down, as even the best will, we work just as hard to see that full operation is hastily restored!  Custom applications are our specialty. When others tell you it won't work, call us!

Our access to a vast array of industry leading suppliers along with our willingness to think “outside the box” allows us to design a system around your exacting needs. In this field, success comes from not only knowing how to do the job, but also from having the will to go the second mile in order to achieve exact fit and function. We invite you to put our experience to work for you!

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We proudly provide:
*  Two-Way Radio
*  Repeater Service
*  Logging Recorders
*  Interoperability Solutions
*  System Design and Licensing
*  Sales and Installation
*  Maintenance
*  Dispatch Consoles
*  Control Equipment
*  Emergency Vehicle Warning Equip.
*  Unique and Special Applications

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 Ozborn communications proudly sells and services mobile equipment and two-way radio products in Mississippi.  Featuring the top brands in the industry, such as:

Vertex/Standard manufactures a complete line of conventional and trunked VHF and UHF mobile, portable, and fixed two-way radios, as well as long range HF radio equipment. The Vertex line includes both conventional and trunked analog mobiles, portables, repeaters, and base stations. Vertex has their own P25 digital mobile and portable radio models to fill your need for interoperability requirements.


ICOM : Icom's broad line of land mobile products provide highly reliable mission-critical two-way radio communications for police, fire, and other public safety and military agencies, as well as for security, construction, retail, manufacturing, industrial applications. Icom's rugged portable radio products are field proven by the U.S. military in field operations. Mobile, fixed station, and repeater radios are just as ruggedly constructed and option loaded, allowing for a custom fit into your operation.


Daniels Electronics, LTD. is a North American leader in the design and manufacture of customized fixed station radio communications systems for public safety and other high priority applications. Daniels manufactures some of the most rugged, customizable, and reliable radio equipment available today. Daniels builds their equipment to meet high specifications and stringent power efficiency requirements. Custom applications are our specialty. When others tell you it won't work, we may surprise you! Our access to such an array of industry suppliers gives us the ability to design a system which accommodates your exacting needs.

For over 60 years RELM Wireless has built radio communications with high quality and extreme durability. The RELM KNG series mobile and portable radios offer full APCO P25 compatibility for demanding public safety communications. Available in VHF, UHF, and 700/800MHz bands, the KNG offers superior audio quality, long battery life, a waterproof IP67 rating, large informative LCD display, and an impressive list of available options for user customization. Top that off with the fact that RELM's KNG series is designed and built in The United States of America by Americans and you have found the radio that works as long and as hard as you do - in the same mission critical situations as you do.


Ozborn Communications also sells and services other popular brands including:   BK Relm,  Star Lighting, Able 2 Products, Setina, Zetron, Bayco Lighting, and Eventide Recorders.

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