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ZETRON: We are an authorized full-line reseller of Zetron's public safety/E911 dispatch center consoles, paging terminals, and other interface products. And, we have over 30 years of experience in implementing emergency dispatch center and other ancillary equipment. If you need your two-way radio to do more than just talk, Zetron probably makes a products to accomplish the mission.

BAYCO - NIGHTSTICK: Bayco is the parent company of Nightstick Flashlights.  It is an industry leader in task lighting solutions for 25 years with a reputation of providing high quality, rugged designs that stand up to the rigors of professional use. That means performance, durability and reliability is never compromised.

EVENTIDE:  Conditions in our society dictate that we document our activities. The best way to document communications is through the use of logging recorders. Eventide manufactures the most stable, user friendly devices for this purpose. From small instant recall recorders to mammoth call center activities with hundreds of lines and everything in between, Eventide has the right device for your application. They are proven, stable, and affordable.

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